Stretchers and canvases in sizes that suit you.


We are Paul and Darren

This is us back in1996 (looking a lot younger and slimmer)this is when it all started

also known as T.P.Timber Stretchers
and we are based at the very end of Cornwall on the north coast between Lands End and St Ives (a Mecca for all types of artists.) at a small village called Trewellard, we are near to Geevor tin mine in the area where the TV series Poldark was filmed.

We have revolutionised the stretcher with our patented sliding dowel joint A system where by our stretchers always stay square with constant 90 degree angle to corners.

Established in early1996 we have over 12 years experience and an extensive client list in Cornwall and beyond which included artists such as the late Sandra Blow and Sir Terry Frost

You may have seen us on TV in the BBC  documentary about Kurt Jackson and the life of one of his large landscape paintings.

We made the stretcher and stretched the painting in the film.

Being filmed in Kurt Jacksons Studio for the bbc film 'a picture of the south west'

Our aim has always been to supply the artist direct in all aspects of their work not just stretchers and canvases,so please have a good look around our site you might be supprised at the range of things we do.