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Darrens Page 

Hi thanks for having a look at my page, here you will find out a few things about me you might not have known . I have a few things I like  do when not at work or spending time with my wife and 2 sons
I am a retained Firefighter at St Just Fire station and on call basically all the time.  Its a great job and I love it although it does play havoc with my life at times. I have been doing it since 1997and it
is a very rewarding job and I work with a great bunch of blokes.
What a lot of people don't realise is that about 80% of Cornwalls fire brigade is retained. basically we are trained to the same standard as a full time fire fighters but we all have other day jobs . We carry pagers and when a call comes in we all rush to the fire station and jump on the fire engine. I am very lucky to work with some one like Paul, he is very good a holding the fort on his own when ever I get called out.

But when I want to unwind I have 2or 3 very differant ways of doing so. One is very intense and extremely time consuming yet very very rewarding, the other is just down right FUN.

I make guitars and i ride enduros so why not check out the pics below and have a look.