Stretchers and canvases in sizes that suit you.


Stretcher Pieces

Our Stretchers are all made from Kiln Dried joinery quality softwood.We buy our timber in bulk sizes(from an F.S.C certified supplier)and machine everything up in house so thats why we can offer various sections and sizes that suit you, the artist (nothing is standard to us ).
We use our own system for the joint which we patented and its called the sliding dowel joint.It works by useing only one wedge per corner and by its nature of construction will always stay at 90 degrees,this makes life a lot easier for you when stretching and when you come to frame.
Aluminium dowels ,lightweight yet very strong                  we supply stretcher pieces or made up stretcher            
                                                                                        frames at no extra cost

 There is a bevel back from the lead edge of the stretcher giving about 7mm of clearance between the stretcher bar and the canvas,and all our section is available in rounded edge or sharp edge depending on your preferance (just let us know when ordering)
We make strechers in a range of section from 6" upto and beyond 12 foot in length over the years our ex(extra large) range has become very popular .
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Paul preparing an ex range stretcher

Canvases & Primer

We make the canvases we sell primed or un-primed and we use a 12oz cotton duck canvas. All primed canvases are double  primed with Spectrum acrylic primer(suitible for both oil or acrylic paints)
All canvases are stapled from the rear leaving nice clean canvas to the edges giving you the option not to frame if you prefer.

Other canvas and linen is available to order.                    
      All canvases are hand stretched by us                                  Clean edges                            Hand primed canvases
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Stretching Services

We also offer a full stretching service for your own canvas /painted canvas/re-stretching of old canvases or renewal of damaged stretchers.
We have a lot of customers who buy their own linen and have it sent direct to us ,they then ring us with their order when required  we make the stretchers and use their linen.
Also we work with a lot of printers and photographers stretching canvas pre-printed with the latest trend-giclee images.
For the stretching service we offer collection and delivery for you.  We will collect your prints/paintings on a Friday (our delivery day) and return them to you all stretched the following Friday(depending on size of order)-This service is only available in Cornwall, in our standard delivery area.

Stretched giclee images                    We will stretch in your studio

Display stands and Transport Boxes

We don,t just make stretchers and canvases we also make gallery display stands and plynths to your spec , one off installations to your design,some of the famous Sir Terry Frost rockers and cubes were made for him by us to his specifications.   
                                                                                                                                                   ' Rocker' by Sir Terry Frost

If you have an idea for a piece of three dimensional art but are not sure how to go about it ,give us a call and have a chat I am sure we will be able to help.
We make a lot of support stands and dislpay boxes and plynths for potters and ceramic artists to display their work.

Display stand made from tulipwood                                  Display stand with bowl by Sutton Taylor

Solid Walnut stands for sculptures.       Sculptures by John Brenton  

If you need to transport your paintings or art we can make transport boxes and packing cases so give us a ring if you would like more info.

Transport packing box                                                      Gallery Display plynth - Guitar by dp-guitars

Other items

We have also made Studio work tables ,Display cabinets and 'walls on wheels'to move around the studio. So please ring us to discuss anything you think we might be able to help you with,we like a challenge and with Pauls boat building skills and Darrens guitar making we specialize in curved work and odd shapes so why not give us a ring to see what we can do for you.

Studio work tables with lockable rubber castors, picture is of two tables made for Neil Canning

Orders and Deliveries

We try to turn most orders around in about 1-2weeks depending on the size of the order.
Small orders and stretcher pieces can mormally be done with in a few days.
We will always let you know how long when you place your order

We offer a full mail order service for stretchers and canvases to any address in the UK.
large items will not be included in our standard p&p ,we will contact you to make arrangements for special delivery if it can be can arranged
We deliver in the west of Cornwall  on Fridays

Or if you live local you are welcome to collect yourself.

Peace of mind

All our Stretchers are guaranteed,so if your are unlucky enough to have one of our stretchers twist or warp we will happily re-place it for you free of charge. We are insured to work with artwork upto the value of £100,000 and our workshop is fully alarmed so you can feel confident leaving work with us .