Stretchers and canvases in sizes that suit you.

When we thought about starting the business back in 1995 after realising there was no one in cornwall making stretchers, yet there was a lot of artists desperate for canvases and stretchers lumbered with standard sizes all brought in from out of the county.
    We listened to what people had to say about stretchers and what problems they had .The same old thing kept cropping up,  keeping the stretcher square seemed to be the main complaint.
    So after a bit of head scratching we came up with a solution and a new take on the conventional stretcher.We invented a new joint for the stretcher and called it 'the sliding dowel joint'.By replacing the conventional system with two dowels at 45 degrees fixed in one end of the stretcher and two corresponding holes in the other end of the stretcher we solved the problem of out of square corners . By its own nature it would always stay square . We added a tappered wedge and the new style stretcher piece was born.

At first we walked the streets of St Ives telling people of our new business and design .Artists we unsure at but after a few tried them out, and a lot of help and recommendation from our friend Anthony Frost(who helped test the first prototypes) word soon spread and T.P.Timber Stretchers was born.

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