Stretchers and canvases in sizes that suit you.

A selection of our most common stretcher sections, others are available on request   
As a rule we make IF Section upto 22"long
                    TQ Section upto 48" long
                    TT Section upto 72" long
                    EXTT Section upto and beyond 144" long

All  stretcher pieces are supplied as a PAIR
Centre bars are priced per bar and half bars are priced as stated .
Prices below are for sizes stated but we can cut to any size you require
(for example 32.5" x 12.75") this is no problem because we make everthing in house it makes no differance to us. Please call or e-mail us if you can't find what you want

Centre bars are measured as the shortest width of the stretcher and priced as one .
Half barsare measured as the longest overall length and cut accordingly depending on how many centre bars you have (for example if you have 1 centre bar there will be 2 half bars and if you have 2 centre bars there will be 3 half bars)but you pay as 1 for the overall length,just state how many divisions you require
All stretcher bars can be supplied with rounded or square profile (see diagram above) just state your preferance when ordering

Dont worry yourself too much just give us a ring and we will reccomend the best set up of stretcher for you if your are not sure
Please ring 01736 788041 for PRICES